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FINALLY! An affordable way to expose your athlete to variety in movement training. Support their current sport with ongoing training to reduce injury, increase core strength and develop proper mobility. Technique is something coaches can train, the crucial timing for scientific development in innate ability is where we come in.

Let us unlock your athlete’s code NOW for future potential. 

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brady brassart

Since I started training with Rhonda  3 summers ago, my game has totally evolved. I have noticed so much more strength in my game and it has allowed me to play at a higher and better level. Everything we do in the gym has helped my strength, speed, balance, flexibility and stamina and I couldn’t have done it without her expertise. She truly knows fitness and athlete specific training and the way that she strives to be the best makes her one of the best in the industry. Spend an hour with Rhonda and you will truly see how much passion she has for what she does. 
– Brady Brassart – IOWA WILD (AHL)

COACHES!! – WE WANT TO SUPPORT YOUR TEAM! Let us help you create champions! WE focus on the fitness, mobility and injury prevention. YOU focus on the technique, skill and game-plans for your players! contact Rhonda Catt today for a FREE consultation to see how your team can prosper from our Strength and Conditioning Programming:

PARENTS!! – WE GET IT! You are involved in your child’s athletic pursuits! Let us help you feel at ease knowing professionals are helping them LEARN about physiology, anatomy, nutrition and recovery. Let us take cutting edge science and bring it down to the level your child can understand and form the foundation for future development and possible “ROCKET” potential in years to come. Contact Rhonda Catt:

CATT Conditioning Performance Centre focusses on making the body move BETTER. The body is designed to swim, climb, sprint, dance, crawl, etc. The body is a magnificent machine. If we can help provide the foundation for a balanced body, one which reacts to it’s environment without compensation, without defence mechanisms to guard against a past injury, without barriers to support bad habits. We can create a highly efficient machine. THAT machine can propel into various sporting careers as a HEALTHY, STRONG, ROCKET ready for technique and strategies. WE believe there is no “SPORT SPECIFIC” training. We focus on creating a human body that can perform on various planes of movements. THUS creating a STRONG, physical being.